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Integrated standard station

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Detailed introduction

■ The CNG integrated standard/substation integrates all or part of the natural gas refueling station (standard station or substation) in a mobile unit, which is an innovative solution.

Technical advantages

■ The CNG integrated standard station integrates all or part of the natural gas standard station in a mobile unit, which is an innovative solution. The integrated standard station equipment configuration can include: natural gas dehydration drying system, counterbalanced compressor system, sequential gas filling control system, gas storage system, fully intelligent PLC control system, soundproof and rainproof system, intake buffer system, unloading and recycling System, gas sales system, etc.


■ Highly integrated, small footprint (8-13)X3.4X3.2 meters, movable, dustproof, noise-proof, easy to maintain, high level of intelligence, easy to operate.

■ Simple installation, minimize on-site and commissioning work, the equipment entrance is connected with the urban pipe network, and the outlet can directly refuel the CNG car. The whole system has a true CNG environment running no less than 3 hours before leaving the factory.

■ Low vibration, the compressor adopts horizontally opposed structure, or the vertical oil-free lubrication structure has good piston force balance to minimize equipment vibration.

■ Wide application range and wide range of air intake, especially suitable for gas stations with urban pipe network as the air source.

■ The equipment adopts serialization, standardization and modular design, with good versatility and simple maintenance.

■ The air cooler adopts a large number of small fan structures, which can automatically adjust the number of power-on according to the ambient temperature to save energy.

■ Three-line dispensers are installed in the skid to increase the external refueling speed and achieve high, medium and low three-line refueling.

■ Multi-functional soundproof cover is provided on the skid.

Configuration features

■ Horizontal symmetrical balanced compressor, the inertia moment is completely balanced, the unit is extremely balanced, and the vibration is extremely small.

■ There is only one cylinder in the compressor. The maintenance piston ring, packing seal and wearing parts do not need to be disassembled, and the maintenance is extremely convenient.

■ Adopting the energy-saving non-balanced section compressor technology (patent number: ZL 98 2 29860.9) and the high-pressure packing sealing technology obtained by the national patent technology, the energy saving effect is remarkable compared with the average energy saving of the domestic balanced section compressor by more than 10%. Nissan's 100,000 square mother station saves more than 480,000 kWh of electricity (calculated at a pressure of 1.0 MPa).

■ The air buffer tank and the recovery tank are installed in the skid, so that there is no need to configure another container on the station to reduce the number of equipment installation and save the construction time.

■ The dewatering unit uses a front low pressure dewatering unit and is equipped with a PLC control system for automated operation.

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